Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Panoman, upgraded version of s60 panorama capture app

mobile panorama from Ruoholahti

Very not-pc name for us Finns, but a nice mobile application: panoman. Great upgrade to previous version: now the panoramas are captured by the native resolution of the mobile camera, not the puny video resolution..

Panoman takes the full frame photos automatically as you pan the camera sideways. The UI is very clear and intuitive:

panoman screenshot

After taking the last photo you want, you just press stop or ok and the application stitches the panorama together for previewing.

The included sample is not very good, nor is the camera of the Nokia E61i by itself. In good light conditions and with a steady hand this will deliver good results.

Sadly no demo version available at the moment. I bought the app for testing as I was eager to see what's new. I used the previous version quite a lot and I bet this one will be worth the money for me too.

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