Wednesday, June 30, 2004

BT slashes broadband pricing! (finally)

According to a BBC news story BT is going to cut broadband prices by 25%. That is great news for us as we are using the (formerly rather expensive) 1Mb service from them. So, our montly 39 UKP payment will be reduced to 29 UKP!!

I haven't heard anything directly from BT yet but what concerns me is that they are going to introduce some traffic limitations for everybody. So far, their 1Mb conneaction has been without them..

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Apple updates from WWDC 2004

As a user of Apple computer (ooold iBook serving as a music player) and OSX I usually follow very eagerly of the Apple product releases. On this years WWDC, the biggest thing was Tiger, the next release of OSX. Tiger will bring true 64bit OS and some serious video performance, system wide contextual searching, along with loads of trimmings.. Tiger was followed by announcement of up to 30" 2560 by 1600 pixel resolution displays (serious drool) and some tool developments.

I got my iBook by chance by winning a web competition. I wish I have similar luck early next year! 8)

Monday, June 28, 2004

Kablog troubles

For last couple of weeks I have been constantly trying to use Series 60 version of Kablog to post blog entries with images through The emphasis of my trials have been on images, and that is exaclty the thing that does not work.. Everything works as expected with the test blog of kablog, but with and the blog hosted on own server, just odd error messages.

OK, I agree that Kablog is very early in development, especially the Symbian version. Additionally, the posting of images needs specific blog host related settings to work even with the blogger web interface. My present guess is that kablog cannot handle the sftp path setting that is specific to the server the blog is hosted at - I bet that kablog uses hardcoded value instead.

Kablog authors have a lot work to be done on the usability of the utility, too. It is kind of shame, as having very well thought and utility utility like this would be really a success. Anyway, it is the only possibility there is right now so I will continue trying..

First things to improve would be:

  • Provide complete examples how to use the tool with different configurations of blogging systems, not just for the test blog.
  • When resizing the image, provide a possibility to duplicate the image first - not to resize the original one!
  • Lots of usability issues - Take a look at S60 style guide.. 8)

Any pointers for open source mobile blogging utility with possibility to post also images? (Hmm, maybe I should start one on the next momemt of Spare Time(tm) 8)

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Bloglines - easy web-based way to follow your favourite blogs and rss feeds

Bloglines is as described on the site "Free, Web-Based News Aggregator". I have used it for couple of weeks now, and it has proven very useful site. It has actually changed a bit my web surfing habits: Now I first check the RSS feeds from the favourite sites first using bloglines, and only after that check the sites without feed, like finnish news sites. Before, the usual session was to launch dozen tabs from my links page and go through them. - Where Stats Come Alive! - Where Stats Come Alive! seems to be interesting stats site, with which you could compare different countries using unbelievably large number of attributes.

(Is reported to crash certain mozilla and firefox browser versions)

First post to personal blog

First post to my personal blog. Of course there is relation to Wokinkolo -blog which offers snapshots of our life in UK. However, there will be no overlap as in this blog I will concentrate more to my personal aspirations, interesting links and technology news. Also, this blog will be written in english.