Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I'm slowly warming to the new iMac

The new Apple iMac G5 was introduced already a while ago. Among with many others I was a bit underwhelmed by the design and specs of the thing. However, as some time has passed I have started to find the thing actually quite smart. Especially when ordered "fully loaded" with WLAN, Bluetooth, Airport Express, wireless keyboard and mouse (nor necessarily made by Apple..) it would make very smart looking and usable home computer. It could be a real desk estate saver too when installed with wall mount.

There are two personal thoughts behind this pondering:

1) Compact design: The flat we're living here at UK does not offer the very optimal space for the computer equipment - therefore we've been using laptops only for quite a while now. New iMac could be a good compromise for a "fixed" home computer - a role which is now handled by old G3 iBook with dead battery. 8)

2) Secuirty and Usability: The next time I'll buy a computer to computer illiterate it will be OSX-based. I've seen so much hassle in many cases updating/checking/advicing/worrying about a windows PC box somewhere without no nerd living next door.

Oh well, the number of computers at home is at its sensible limit (= 2) so I'm not upgrading anything until something happens to iBook. More probable is that I cannot resist the 40 Gig iPod when the London Apple Store opens November..

Would you pay premium for helium?

Here's a premium rate phone number I have not stumbled before - "Helium call". It is supposed to transfer the voice of the caller (and also called) to hight pitch that you get when you have just inhaled helium. Quite a fun idea, at very steep price: the time I checked 1.50 euros per minute..

In principle this would not be that hard to code in to modern smartphone software, at least one using some flavour of push to talk, hmm... 8-)

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Virtual Windows

I have always wondered how long it takes to somebody to come up with virtual windows. This guy hooked eight 15" LCD panels in fake window frames on his living room wall. Connected with multi-head display adapters he's now having room with virtual view!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

PicoBlogger test I just found new moblngging software for S60: PicoBlogger. Let's see if it works..

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