Wednesday, October 27, 2004

iPod Photo to the shopping list

I am perfect candidate for Apple marketing. Almost a Apple fanboy, I think. The reason behind these thoughts is the urge that was awaken within me to buy one of these new iPod Photos.

I have been waiting for the 60G iPod to come to market as it would accomodate our 30G (and growing) music collection and still work as a portable harddrive for large transfers. The photo functionality and colour screen raise only mixed feelings and some questions - Photo synching through iTunes? Why not any kind of video?

Anyway, at least there is something on shopping list for the first visit to first european Apple Store next month.. 8)

At the same time as Photo iPod, iTunes music store expanded also to Finland. This was a surprise! I wonder whether there will be any problems to start using the Finnish store after

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Bruce Schneier's weblog

Here is a blog to follow. Bruce Schneier has converted his Crypto-Gram in blog format. More information about the blog from its the first blog entry.

I have enjoyed reading the monthly Crypto-Gram posts already for a some time. In email form it has been sometimes a bit hard to digest, I think the blog format (including RSS feeds) suits the information much better.

Symbian expo at London

Symbian expo took place at London Excel conference centre. It was very refreshing to see what is going on in Symbian front in a view outside Nokia. Also it gave the feeling how Scandinavia-centric the Symbian expertice really is. The gut feeling was that the half of the people on the showfloor were finnish! 8) Of course among those were couple of ex-colleagues and other friends. I confess, this was the other real reason to attend.

I won't comment further the actual things found from the exhibition, in any case it was very interesting to test all the available competititors hardware. 8P