Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Mac mini

Mac mini is the most interesting announcement of the Macworld 2005 at San Francisco. It is a miniscule Mac G4 computer clearly designed to head on the small desktop/media PC solutions like Shuttle. Starting at 500 USD it is going to end to many homes as a replacement/addition to the old PC box. In many cases the old PC will continue it's life as a linux server, at least that's what i would do.

As my present Mac is too old for the present software I am not touching the sw side now, let's see hows the Tiger like when I get my hands on any newer hardware next summer.. 8)

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Kate Bush is working on new album!

Yay! Kate Bush is working on a new album!! If the information on the fan site is correct, it is going to be out later this year.. I was a HUGE KB fan at 80's, and still come back to those songs once in a while. Definite buy for me, I thought that I'll never hear anything new music from her..

[Got the info via Pinseri]