Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Google Maps UK Beta

This is definitely bit different mapping website. Very clean, pretty interface, at least when compared to Multimap. The Map24 service is still far more useful as it covers practically all of the western world. Map24 also has some handy features like measuring the distance.

Check the example of the local search and click the pub names on the right. Isn't that nice eye candy or not? 8)

These mapping services come really useful if you can use them with your mobile. It is possible with the xhtml interface to the pages, at least the Google Local has one. Firefox does not seem to understand the result, but standard Series 60 browser does, as does (yikes) MSIE.

Edit 20050421: Replaced the Google local pondering with working link.

Back from down under

Its been a while since my last post here. The reason has been our three-week trip to Singapore and Australia, and recovery from that.

During the visit to Singapore I was unable to resist the local Apple Centre. The result: I bougth iPod Photo 30G and iPod Shuffle 1G. 8) The plan was to use the iPod Photo in car and longer trips, and the Shuffle during sports and shorter trips. The initial impressions of the both have been very good. Only gripe has been my WinXP laptop, which has not been that co-operative with iPod Photo. With other PCs and my old faithful iBook Tangerine I have had no problems whatsoever.

In order to properly enable the iPod car use I bought a Dension Ice>link to integrate the player to the car stereo. I had it installed today along with Nokia CK-1W Bluetooth carkit which I had acquired earlier. I will post later on with the experiences..