Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Having high-street renting blues - now trying internet DVD renting

OK, the DVD rental by mail is n addition to that the local ot a new thing. I have always considered the services a bit too expensive to our usage level. In blockbuster has served us quite well so far - until very recently.

Last couple of times we have had problems to find some bit older titles from Blockbuster. The new releases are covered quite well but the older titles get less and less shelf space. Also there has been many times when we have (after long pondering) selected a movie, just to find out that all of the copies had been rented out. Many people seem to just ask from the counter for some titles and the (busy?) clerks forget to get the box from the shelves.

In UK, the two biggest in the field were Blockbuster and Screenselect. As the first one is the one we try to at least temporarily escape from, we ended up with the latter. The and couple of others are also offering the similar service, some of them - like Tesco - seem to offer the same service as Screenselect just rebranded.

The first brief impressions from the new service:

- The selection is very good. The website claims they have 32000 titles. I had no problems to make the first 20-30 titles needed for the start. I couldn't help noticing a tiny feeling that something is missing - maybe some very newest titles aren't presented as well as in a high-street venue.
- I selected the delivery to be done to my work address. To be honest I was not confident that the dvd:s delivered to our shared staircase would be safe. The delivery system has worked without a hitch so far.

We have now used the free trial, and considering whether we are going to continue. The benefits of the films delivered using your preferred lists has been evident, and so has been the absence of the due dates. Should the monthly fee be couple of pounds less (now about 13 UKP) I wouldn't hesitate, but we'll see. Most probably we continue for couple of months and just do the raw calculations.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Serious vulnerability on Firefox 1.0.3

A serious vulnerability without a fix has been found on Mozilla Firefox. At the moment there are no fix available, and even the latest Firefox 1.0.3 is still vulnerable. What makes this very serious is that there is published exploit available for this..

So before continuing, disable JavaScript or disable the "allow web sites to install software" -feature on the settings.

Please check the securityfocus info page for the latest information.

Edit: Now there is a new Firefox release (1.0.4) with these bugs fixed.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

E-Mail moblogging now possible directly with

I have waited this ever since started blogging! With the new changes in service, I can now photoblog using e-mail directly to the The difference to using image hosting services like is that now the images get stored to the same server than the blog, and are therefore easy to backup and admin.

The only gripe using email photoblogging from my Nokia 6670 mobile phone is that I have not found a way to resize the image within the phone. The uses the width argument in the img tag to make it fit to the template body text area. As I would like to use the full resolution of the camera I would prefer the service generating a scaled down version for the blog entry and just adding a link to full resolution image. Oh well, in any case this is a good improvement to the previously text-only email service.

The e-mail photoblogging is just a side-effect of larger intent to support blogging from the mobile phones. In the US, supports now also photoblogging using MMS (Multimedia Messages). At this first stages the service is supported only in certain operators, the intent is to have this service available worldwide. Basically even with the MMS the image is sent to an e-mail address, the added trick is to associate the postings to certain blog using the sender mobile phone number information. The US MMS users can start a moblog with standard template by just sending a first photo to go@blogger com - the server supposedly replies with the new blog url and a identifier token.

With the "just-email" service, the the blog admin him/herself sets an secret email address is associated to the blog, so the service knows to which blog to add the posting.