Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Changes, changes..

Looking back couple years there has been "one big change" happening in our life each year. Change of country, moving places, change of job, getting married, birth of children etc.

This year it will be significant change in my employment.

I am leaving Nokia this month, after six years, and I'm heading to a researcher position in Finnish Defence Forces! One can say that this will be a big change in company ways of working, scope and the whole technology context. On the other hand, I am looking forward applying some of my experience in this new envinronment in new ways and learning a lot at the same time.

I am looking back to my years at Nokia with warmth. It is a very good, big company to work for - providing lots of exciting challenges with lot of variety. I have also had the pleasure of constantly working with very intelligent people, many of which are the absolute world class top professionals in their fields.

Now, maybe I can have a bit more opportunities for doing mobile programming as a hobby as it is not filling 110% of my work days? Well, you never know.. ;-)

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