Friday, January 23, 2009

New s60 freeware: deli.s

In the series of small s60 utilities I have made for myself: deli.s is an application which helps the user to post links to from the handset.

I was tired of copy-pasting URLs and using numerous dialogs. With deli.s you can send a link to delicious just by selecting the right bookmark and adding the tags and extra description you want.

As a piece of software made just for myself, it is a bit rough on the edges with known and unknown bugs and limitations. Decided to share this anyway as I bet I am not the only one that needed something like this.

Download and check it out from the following page:

Any comments and suggestions are appreciated. I am not promising quick turnaround on new features - as I am coding this only when commuting on a bus ;).

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

TTP v0.93

Already a while ago I updated the To The Point (TTP) application to version 0.93. The major new features are:

  • Now TTP scales images to the size of the screen when loaded!
  • Now there are up to five stored sets supported.
  • Now you can swap the locations (under which key they are bound) of two images in the set.

There are still many thinks to polish. Now after the basic scaling of the images the app is definitely worth checking.

For app description and download links, check

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

To The Point (TTP)

To The Point (TTP) v0.90 screenshot

Here's a public launch of a tiny background project of mine. To The Point (short: TTP) is a small native S60 3rd edition application specialized for quick viewing of screenshot-size images on your mobile screen with minimum clicks.

What you can do with TTP? I use it like this:

  • I have either imported full-screen size images (320x240 on my E61i) from my photo collection or taken full-screen screenshots of them e.g. with
  • I have loaded them into TTP under separate number keys for quick viewing
  • I have put TTP as one of my active standby applications
  • Now I can access full screen images with maximum of two clicks straight from the idle screen!

    • When TTP is run, the image assigned to the number "5"-key is loaded immediately
    • If I now press e.g. the "3"-key, or the left arrow, image assigned under that key is now displayed. The same goes with all the number keys.
    • "*" and "#" keys cycle through the images

The use case above was my reason to write this application. Basically it does that but not much else. It is not suitable for generic gallery application as it does not e.g. scale your images, and you are not able to browse the images that are on the phone.

Naturally the application has bugs and known issues. If you find a bug that can be easily reproduced please let me know. There are no guarantees of timely fix, though. ;)

For more information and the download links, please check

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Perfect pair of keylock applications for Nokia E61(i)

In order to fulfill my needs for key lock with my Nokia E61i, I use two little freeware applications:

First one is AutoLock ( ) , an automatic keylock utility which triggers the key lock after given time of inactivity. Pretty standard stuff and there must be dozens of other little utilities doing the same.

The second application is mLock ( ), an application originally meant for the N80 slider for quick manual activation of key lock. I use it with my "own key": I can quickly lock the keys with that regardless of the application that is in front. With that I can e.g. quickly fetch a pretty picture on screen, lock the keys and give the phone to my 19 mo daughter ;-)

Has anybody found a single freeware utility combining the both of these functionalities?

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

emTube: youtube videos on mobile

emTube, is an application for browsing and viewing YouTube videos on a S60 mobile. I tried the application quickly on N95 8GB and successfully viewed couple videos. (Ron Paul supporters seem to be very active doing ratings over there, thank god you can also do free-text search for videos.. )

MobiTubia, a winner of Nokia OpenC challenge seems to be a very similar application but with a quick search I wasn't able to find a installation package for comparison.

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