Saturday, December 29, 2007

Problems with blogger and nebula

I had some persistent problems with updating the blog via sftp to the servers. The root cause in the end was that after a server upgrade Nebula started to filter incoming ssh connections according to a whitelist. (or whatever address they're internally using) was not on the list and the symptoms to my directions were just timeouts after another.

Co-incidentally I've had some gmail problems lately so I already had started to think alternatives to Google services. The problems with gmail are not over yet and there's no apparent reason. Let's see how the year 2008 will begin..

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Friday, November 30, 2007

Use rsync through ssh on your S60 device

I have been waiting this to appear: rsync and ssh forwarding working on S60 phone. Surely it will be a bit rough to use at this early stages but being open source I bet it will gain some volunteers to make it better. Let's see if this will eventually replace the multi-step process to get media files to my phone wirelessly.

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