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To The Point (TTP)

To The Point (short: TTP) is a S60 3rd edition application for a quick access to your important images with minimum clicks.

Copyright (C) 2007-2008 Simo Huopio / (remove the NOSPAM..)

At the moment there are no download links available. I will provide them to alternate location before end of this month (August 2009)


Specialized image viewer for quick access to your most important images. No need to go through the menus and select the image to view: Just launch the app and first image is loaded immediately to the screen, the rest in the set are rapidly available using number keys on keypad or the 5-way. Use it for, pictures of your family, maps, reference images / texts - whatever static data you need access quickly without waiting. You can define up to five 10-image-sets and switch between them.

The application is at its best when used with an screenshot application (like With that you can capture e.g. screenshots of a map (from Nokia or Google maps), timetable (from browser), or some other view worth fast access. Note that even as TTP now scales images for your screen, the screenshot-size images load much faster.



Known issues


Laste update: 13.08.2009